Grain free healthy treats for dogs

Once upon a time, in 2005 Alexa was living and working in Dubai and always wanted to fulfill her dream of having a cute fluffball as her companion. She adopted a beautiful pekingese and named her Cinnamon (Cinny). Shortly after she decided that Cinny need a BFF to keep her company while Alexa was working, so she adopted Laafi.

Cinny + Laafi lived happily in Dubai for many years and had tons of exciting adventures. They took daily walks on the marina promenade and sometimes they even went on the beach and once even encountered a camel.  One day poor Laafi lost one of his eyes in a playfight with one of his Jack Russel buddies. But he learned to live with his one eye and thrived for many years.

Cinny + Laafi then moved to Austria and finally settled in Montreal Canada where they lived for more than 15 years. 

In the fall of 2020, while Alexa was living in downtown Toronto, she began to focus on the quality of the dog food in the market, the treats and ingredients. She discovered several freeze dried and grain free options for dogs and decided it was time to launch her own brand of dog food in memory of CINNY and LAAFI.

She focuses now on dog treats and food made of human grade ingredients, with no additives no preservatives sugars or coloring and only sourced from Canadian partners. #supportlocal

CINNY+LAAFI is now a Canadian dog treats brand focusing on grain free and gluten free alternatives and also soon launching dog food kibble for small breeds or breeds with sensitive teeth.

Welcome to our international family !


LAAFI pictured here as a puppy on the beach in Dubai greeting and kissing a camel;) (taken 2006)

grain free and gluten free dog food

LAAFI as a baby (2006) He was as small as the bowl and could fit into the palm of a hand. Huge blue eyes.

best canadian dog food brand of 2021

Cinnamon playing with Laafi in Dubai (2006)

best canadian dog food of 2021